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Our Physiotherapists use hands-on techniques like massage or myofascial release to relax, stretch and release sore soft tissue and muscles. This kind of physiotherapy treatment helps to relieve pain and restore movement and is often combined with a programme of exercises to correct any underlying issues to prevent recurrence.

Massage to relieve pain

Daily routine has a significant impact on our posture. If you spend a lot of time sitting down then you may gradually lose flexibility and your posture will change. Poor posture causes areas of accumulative strain, uneven pressure in joints, overused or tight muscles and localised sore spots (trigger points). All of these can result in pain.

Massage for muscle tension

Of course, poor posture isn’t the only cause of muscle and soft tissue (myofascial) pain. We see lots of people at our clinic who have myofascial pain caused by tension or anxiety, those who’ve been involved in a car accident or after a sporting injury.