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If you’re looking at this page it’s likely that you have twisted your ankle. It’s the most common ankle injury we see at our clinic. Many are sports-related injuries, but we also see plenty of people with ankle sprains which happened when they were simply walking on uneven ground.

For the majority of people the pain is caused by injury of the ligaments around the ankle and, except in severe cases, it’s important to keep moving it because it will heal more quickly.

Other conditions causing ankle pain

  • Tendonitis
  • Impingement
  • Fractures

How we can help

Our physiotherapists use a range of early treatments for sports injuries and ankle sprains including ultrasound, taping, joint mobilisations and sports massage. The likelihood that it might happen again is also much reduced with an effective program of rehabilitation and strength training to restore full movement, strengthen supporting muscles and improve your balance reactions. We’ll get you back to your normal sport or activities rapidly and safely.